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Information Technology & E-Commerce

Today’s dependence on IT made us realize the importance of being up-to-date with all of our systems, which gives us the opportunity to assist partner companies and share our experiences. By centralizing our IT Solutions we have developed various relationships with major hotel software enterprises and hardware suppliers.

With more and more people having access to the Internet and using it as a source of booking and to select hotels. We at Mellow Mood Group are proud to say that we achieve more than 50% of our bookings through E-distributors.

The tools we can offer to You are the following:

  • Unique IT system for every hospitality unit
  • Redundant internet access in every premises
  • Remote access for the IT support, for the authorized co-workers and for the central office
  • Own central web and e-mail servers
  • Professionals and IT helpdesk in central office
  • Helpdesk contract with suppliers for system maintenance (and operation)
  • Internet distribution strategy guidance
  • Presence on 3rd party booking engines
  • Regular website results analysis
  • Post stay guest reviews
  • Seach Engine Optimisation
  • Newsletters– communicating special offers to past guests/subscribers
  • Network deployed Antivirus Solutions ensuring software is up-to-date against the latest virus and security threats
  • Secure Firewalled networks across the group
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Contact details

H-1051 Budapest, Vörösmarty tér 5., 2. em.
phone: 36 1 413 2062
fax: 36 1 321 4851